Topics: Biodegradable waste, Air pollution, National Highway 4 Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Waste management
1. What are the health problems due to air pollution
2. What are the effects on health due to water pollution 3. Describe Minamata disease
4. What are the main diseases caused by pesticides
5. What was the main reason for the disappearance of the Indian vulture 6. Describe biomagnifications
7. Why do we need waste management
8. What is wet scrubber method?
9. What are the three types of radio active waste. Where are they generated 10. Distinguish between biodegradable and non biodegradable waste 11. What are the three r’s in waste management

12. What is incineration?
13. Name three sources of bio- medical waste.
14. What is the use of electrostatic precipitators
15. How are effluents treated
16. What is waste management ? Why is it necessary.
17. What is e waste? How is it hazardous?
18. What is composting ? explain
19. Distinguish between aerobic and anerobic composting
20. What are the two major concerns of waste management
(a) What is the golden quadilateral
(b) What are the corridors?
(c) Four advantages of railways and two drawbacks
(d) Four advantages of airways
(e) Four avantages of road ways and two disadvantages
(f) Describe water way 1
(g) What are border roads? Why are they important
(h) Name the port which has developed as a subsidiary to kolkatta. why? (i) Give three economic benefits of golden quadrilateral project (j) Mention the importance of the following ports
a. Kolkatta
b. Mumbai
c. Chennai
d. Vishakhapatnam
e. Nava sheva
f. Ennor e port
g. Kandla

(k) Mention three disadvantages of waterways.
(l) What is a national highway? Mention four features of the Mumbai pune expressway.
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