Was Lenin More Significant for His Actions in 1917 or for His Subsequent Actions from 1918 to 1924?

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  • Published : January 27, 2008
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Was Lenin more significant for his actions in 1917 or for his subsequent actions from 1918 to 1924?

Lenin was a Russian revolutionary and was best known for being one of the main leaders of the October Revolution in 1917 and the first head of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic. But was Lenin more significant for his actions in 1917 or his subsequent actions from 1918 to 1924? That is the question I will be exploring in this essay and I will be thinking of all of his actions in the mentioned years.

Lenin's main role in 1917 was to spearhead the revolution. In February 1917 the February Revolution took place, the result of an accumulation of social, political and economic problems caused by the war. In 1917 the war effort caused economic chaos and by February people in the towns of Russia were starving and freezing. Workers and soldiers set up the Petrograd Soviet which elected an Executive Committee, which contained independents and members of political groups, including Bolsheviks. Many of the more prominent Bolsheviks were abroad and powerless. Lenin's own initial surprise at the news from Petrograd was quickly translated into feverish attempts to return home and catch up with the Revolution.

In April 1917 Lenin published his April Theses. This document outlined Lenin's aims for the future: to end the war; to give all power to the Soviet; to give all property and land to the people and worldwide revolution. Lenin forced these ideas through despite opposition and skepticism form the party. The April Theses became the basis of the party's policy. This brought the Bolsheviks much support and made them into strong competition against the provisional Government.

In October 1917 the Bolsheviks staged a coup to take over the provisional Government in Petrograd. Late at night, on the 25 October, Trotsky's red Guards helped by the Kronstadt sailors took over the bridges in Petrograd and the telephones lines. They cut off Petrograd off from the rest of...
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