Was Ipl Well Marketed?

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Krishna Prakash Singh


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket championship in India. It was initiated by the ‘Board of Control for Cricket in India’ (BCCI), headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is supervised by BCCI. Admits all the controversies & scandals, IPL stands as the most glamorous and the most well-known cricket league in the world. The success of such leagues in the game of football was a well-known fact, and there was a need for a similar platform to be introduced in cricket. This need was accompanied by the fact such as BCCI being the worlds richest cricket board, India’s fanaticism for the game of cricket, the Indian big shot businessmen who had never invested in sports before, and the Bollywood.

Need for ‘Brand’
The concept of 20-20 cricket was laid down to make the game of cricket more entertaining. But the fact that cricket earlier played in one day and 5 days format couldn’t have been played as a league helped the 20-20 cricket bloom as a league. This was very similar for shorter games like football played for 90 minutes, 90 minutes of adrenaline. The failure of ICL, which was launched a year before the IPL was marked by the following facts: 1. Lack of good players who can create brands.

2. Lack of advertising glamour.
3. The rules & regulations imposed by the BCCI
In all we can say that the ICL couldn’t establish itself as a brand, for various reasons.

How do Sports Events create Brand?
If is often said that the ‘A Product lies on shelves of stores whereas Brands are created in the minds of the customers‘. Sports Marketing is no different, its success lies with its viewers turning into fans and then into addicts. So the question is what drives people towards viewing sports? Below are few facts that help in selling sports: 1. Adrenaline

2. Entertainment
3. Favorite Players
4. Belongingness towards a Team
5. Glamour associated
6. And inclination towards gambling or predicting
These are some of the important indicators of the success of a sports event. Their degree of occurrence determines the success of a sports event. IPL has no-doubt successfully delivered all the 6 but could they have done better? And how did they do it? Is what we’re going to study further?

IPL’s Marketing Strategy
The sport of cricket is an obsession in India, the country that is the most important economic force in the cricket world. In 2007, top-level cricket was played primarily by national teams. Domestic leagues were controlled by national governing bodies, using domestic players, the best of whom also played on the national team. In September 2007, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that it was forming the Indian Premier League (IPL). It would consist of city-based franchises, and play its first season beginning in mid-April 2008. The six-week season would have 59 games, including a playoff to determine the overall champion. Teams would include the best international players. Much was required to make this happen. Eight team franchises were auctioned in January 2008, for a total of $718 million. Television rights for ten years were sold for $1 billion. The top 75 international players were selected by the team in an auction that paid them over $45 million. This turned the global cricket salary structure upside, with players getting more in six weeks than they could expect for a year or more from their national governing bodies. The league drew from India's other passion, Bollywood to increase the entertainment value of games. The league and teams faced many challenges, which are discussed in the case. The league's first season captivated India, as well as much of the rest of the cricket world, and was a tremendous success. Factors designed for success of Marketing IPL:

1. India’s passion for the game of cricket.
2. Associating teams with...
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