Was Haig a Butcher or War Winner?

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Assessment- Interpretations of Haig
(The battle of the Sommes was a notorious event that occurred in the time frame of World War I, between France and England on one side, while on the other side, Germany. The objective of this battle for the English side is too re-conquer/ seize the French town of Verdun, a stronghold of France against Germany. Also, the English soldiers were ordered to annihilate as much German soldiers as possible, in order to eventually gain the vantage point of the battle. The English soldiers were lead by General Douglas Haig, and as a General, he devised a tactic that he thought would ensure victory for England and France. However, it was because of this plan that Haig became one of the main focal point of controversy for the last few 100 years… _ The Battle of Sommes began in 1916, and Haig, along with his army rushed to the frontline to quickly execute the plan. He sent the artillery force to bombard the enemy trenches for 8 days straight, in hope of severely damaging the enemy trenches and in hope of being able to cut the barbed wires for the foot soldiers to break through. However, things did not go as he planned, as the German soldiers had somehow got a grasp of the situation and had fortified their trenches with concrete and making sure that defense system cannot be bypassed. Failing to penetrate the enemy’s defense, Haig ordered the foot soldiers to march ahead and fight on. The war continued on, and eventually, it ended with Haig succeeding in capturing Verdun and drove the Germans off French soil. However, there were heavy war casualties, and from then on, General Douglas Haig was either regarded as a victorious war winner by some or a ruthless butcher by others…

(After the war was over, and even until now, Haig was regarded by many of the English (and global) society as being a ruthless soldier butcher, as he sent more than a million of lives to their tragic demise through one single plan. These people who think negatively of Haig would fall into the ‘Butcher’ group, which includes: • Family members, relatives, even girlfriends of the soldiers that Haig had leaded into tragic ends. These people would, after finding out the people they relish had died in battle because of Haig, will definitely grieve. And so that certain event would likely to ignite a spark of hatred and resentment, and definitely would leave a profound effect in their minds; and this motivates them to dub Haig as being a butcher. • Newspaper reporters. These people work under the payment and order of the Government, and obviously, they follow and report up what was said by the Government and leaders- which tend to be quite negative. Common civilians, when knowing nothing of the outcome of the battle, would be ‘informed’ in a negative way through reading these reports, and would certainly trust what was told, thus regarding Haig as a butcher, without knowing the full details of the actual battle, and as such blinded from the positive facts. • The other Generals. Many of the Generals and leaders have perpetual quarrels with General Haig and hated him even before the Battle of the Somme even occurred. These people, for example General Lloyd George, might have used their authorities and infamies to manipulate the other soldiers and civilians into thinking about Haig negatively. • Ex-soldiers who partook in the actual battle of the Sommes. With the vantage of actually partaking in the warfare experience, these soldiers have a right mind to think, as such they realised the stupidity and questioned Haig’s tactic for being so vexing and dull. After the battle had ended and after witnessing the many deaths taking place, these soldiers might think of him as unable to lead, thick-headed, and inexperienced, and as such regarded him as a butcher of the Sommes.

These people who fall into the Butcher group tended to think negatively of Haig, reviewed on the mistakes and lethal flaws he had made...
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