Was Antigone Right to Defy Creon

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  • Published : July 28, 2010
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Was Antigone right to defy Creon?
Throughout the history of mankind, people have had to make choices on whether to follow the law of the state or God’s laws. God’s laws or divine laws are any laws (or rules) that in the opinion of believers, comes directly from the will of God. These laws are independent of the will of man, who cannot change it. However it may be revealed or not, so it may change in human perception in time through new revelation. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, there is a conflict between Creon and Antigone over which law to obey in regards to Antigone attempting to bury her brother, the law of the state or God’s laws. Antigone believes in following God’s laws, even if it means breaking the law of the state, a law set by Creon which states that Antigone’s brother Polynices is not to have a burial and no one is to touch him. On the other hand, Creon does not want Polynices to receive a burial because he betrayed his native city and should receive a suitable punishment. Even thought it was strictly forbidden, Antigone decides to defy the state’s law by giving her brother a burial. Antigone was right in defying the King Creon because she had the right to bury her brother and her brother had the right to receive a respectful burial which would honor their family. Every person deserves a respectful burial because the body is like a loan to the individual from the god, to which the cadaver will inevitably return. Even though Antigone was committing a crime according to the laws set by state, according to her she was right because she was just following the will of the gods. Even though Antigone’s decision to defy Creon was the right one, it still might be contradictory. By defying King Creon, Antigone has defied the law of state. Laws of state control and administer public policy, and direct and control the actions of its members. It is set up to maintain order within the society. Without some sort of government, people would be rational animals....
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