War -- What Is It Good for?

Topics: World War II, Laws of war, World War I Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: June 9, 2008
Is war really ever justified? All different kinds of people, in all different corners of the world have different opinions on this controversial issue. Many people think that war is never justified, many think that war is always justified, and there are some people who think that it completely depends on the situation of the battle. This situation is not a new one, it has not become easier to understand over time, and will never totally be resolved between every single person.

The idea that war can never be justified would be a very simple way of thinking, and in the best interest of everyone. However, certain politics of the world cannot let it be so. Certainly, it would make it so much less complicated if we made it illegal to ever start a war. Would this really help out the situation? People still steal, murder and sell drugs even though they are illegal, this would not make a significant impact on the world as a whole if war were to be made illegal. Some countries do not really have a choice as to if they are going to fight or not. When Germany declared war on France, when France had nothing to do with the current wars that were going on, other than being in the Triple Entente with Britain and Russia, France really had no choice in the matter, it was either fight back or be killed. Whether or not war has been justified, it is not going to stop countries from invading.

Thinking that war is always justified, usually is a thought of people in the place of power and political standpoint. This isn’t always the case, but generally when people are in a standing like this, they become power-hungry, and feel the need to invade and declare war on other countries. The belief that war is always justified is not practical, if a country decided one day that it doesn’t like the law of the age to vote in another country, does that mean they have to go to war to resolve it? More importantly, if a country has had nothing really going for it lately, but happens to...
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