War Is a Nightmare. Nothing Good Ever Comes from It.

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war, a majority of people who experience it are haunted by memories that are bad. Therefore you could say that war is a horrible thing results in awful suffering for those who are involved, but can we say that nothing good comes from war when they spark technological and scientific advances?

Most people who were involved with war will tell you that it was the worst thing in the world. Most families who had lost a father or a brother to war would say the same thing, but what changed the lives of those who survived. Images of death and destruction in their dreams haunt them. Some were injured so badly that they could never live the life they left ever again. Some had breakdowns and committed suicide. Not only this but what about the families of the 5,525,000 allied soldiers that died in world war one. They had to suffer immense grief for their family member whether it be a father or a brother that died. All in all war is a nightmare for most soldiers dead or alive.

It wasn't just the returning soldiers that suffered it was the families whose father or brother wasn't coming back because they had lost the income of that soldier which resulted in the loss of property and livestock. They also could not deal with their grief by visiting their grave because there was no grave. This was also a nightmare for the children who had to grow up without a father or a brother. Not only did they have to deal with the loss of the soldier if the war was still going on them they had to deal with the small amount of rations they were given each week because of the lack of food and materials because the men were at war. All in all war is a nightmare for the families that lose a family member and have to try and find a way to make up for the lost of the soldiers income.

Even though war causes enormous destruction and suffering. There are often still benefits or advantages to war. War settles arguments between countries. Scientific developments such as doctors working out how...
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