War Criminals

Topics: Bangladesh Liberation War, War crime, Laws of war Pages: 5 (1784 words) Published: December 4, 2010
“ War Criminals are still in this country just
because of political unrest and corruption”

‘The flag of independent Bangladesh flies at the front side of the car of war criminals (?) of 1971..'(Manik 2008). It’s the most hatred truth now-a days like story or poetry to the Bangladeshis who got a huge loss of lives, properties and threat in existing their lives during and after the war only for the unexpected conspiracy of those war criminals among whom many are surprisingly involved till today in leading our country. ‘Who’ have given them rights to rule and even impose laws on us?? Why are they still in this country with more than all facilities where even a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for this country can not ??Theanswer of those questions is commonly known to the people now a days. Do not you also guess the greater interest for being stable in politics, the corrupted political parties allow them to live peacefully in Bangladesh? Exactly due to the political unrest and corruption, the war criminals are still here in our country whose conspiracy is not finished yet. This is the national fact for what I am going to show that the political unrest and corruption gives strong position to the war criminals to be here. Before having my stand let me clarify about the powerful war criminals of our country under whom other criminals are being hidden for years. The most marked war criminals of our bloody War of 1971 are specifically present in Bangladesh with strong handling power and voice from Jamaat e-islami along with others involved directly in forming RazakarBahini, Al-Shams, AL-Badar who heavily drawn into mass murdering, rape, arson, looting and especially killing of intellectual during the last part of our glorious liberation war. Jamatis were related with most genocide that happened during nine months of liberation warthat is proved to us from the different sources and ‘MuktiyuddhaCetanaBikasa Kendra’. Ashraf Hossain, a leader of Jamaat's student wing IslamiChhatraSangha, created the Al-Badar militia in Jamalpur District on 22 April 1971 (Editorial, DailyPurbodesh, 23 April 1971).In May, 1971, Jamaat leader Mawlana Yusuf created the Razakar militia in Khulna (Editorial, Daily Sangram, 14 November 1971). As getting information from the book ‘Genocide '71, an account of the killers and collaborators’ by ĀhamadaŚharif and MuktiyuddhaCetanaBikasa Kendra (1987) , the large group of militia named AL-Shams was also created at the mid of the war led byJamat leader Ali AhsanMujahid who did the same massacre during the war.

However, some people say, here in Bangladesh we have a quite sustainable constitution which is representing a complete freedom of country. But in that constitution there is nothing about war criminals and their definition.Constitution of Bangladesh does not make any specific words about the existence of the war criminals. From the ISN report 4thNovember, 1972 we get the whole overview of our constitution easily. Here according to The Article-6 (1) and (2) [talks about ‘Citizenship’] ,Article-19 (1) [talks about ‘Equality of opportunity’] and Article-32 [talks about ‘Protection of right to life and personal liberty’] of the constitution, war criminals along with everyone after the war got the clear acknowledgement to be a citizen of Bangladesh. So they deserve to be with all facilities like us. Therefore the clarification of Constitution is responsible to give the opportunity to the war criminals to be still here in Bangladesh. So justonly the political interest and corruption is not thefact. Butmany Specialists and intellectuals gave different types ofopinions opposing the above logic .Ema. E. Hasana and War Crimes Facts Finding Committee (Bangladesh) in their combined and most acceptable book ever ‘Papers on genocide, war crime and crime against humanity in Bangladesh(2001) proved having many statistics and incidentsthat for political and individual soft corner, the makers of...
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