War and Witchcraft

Topics: 17th century, War, French Wars of Religion Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: May 15, 2011
War and Witchcraft


November 1, 2010

The War of Religion also known as the Huguenots War lasted for about forty years (1562-1592). This war was mainly between the Huguenots and the Catholics of France. Within France a Feudal Rebellion took place between the church, nobles, courts, guilds, towns and provinces; all of which rebelled against the King. A traditional saying "Une foi, un loi, un roi (one faith, one law, one King)" (Newman, 2004) indicates how society, state and religion are all bound within the people's minds. Although religion was the main reason behind the wars, it also was definitely not the only reason. Social and Cultural Issues

Religion affects society in many areas and in such a profound way. It also shapes the moral standards of those individuals in which influences policy makers decisions (Gale Group, 2007). For some societies, sharing a religion makes for a powerful bond socially. However, when these people with different religions try to live with others of different faiths, this can lead to conflict as well war (Gale Group, 2007). The social consensus in Europe for over a millennium was formed through religion. The essential view to order was one faith or how else would have society been held together (Newman, 2004). Because without the right faith, pleasing God and upholding natural order, disaster was to follow. As well, innovation was also trouble; leaving things the way they were is how they should be and any new ideas could lead to anarchy and ruin (Newman, 2004). So, during this period no one would dare admit that they were an innovator (Newman, 2004). In addition, the Renaissance was thought as rediscovering a much purer period in their history and Reformation was made not to feel new but a return to the true religion of Christianity (Newman, 2004). Women in the West

For many centuries women were classified as unequal to that of man and considered property. They could hold their own power in a...
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