War and Global Insecurity

Topics: Sociology, Marxism, Social exclusion Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: December 5, 2012
According to the text Social Problems by William Kornblum and Joseph Julian war is the most serious social problem one can imagine. (p. 488). It is evident that in contemporary society war and global insecurity has escalated. As a result of war and global insecurity there has been an increase in economic inequality which contributes to social issues such as death, poverty and crime. War can be defined as an organized arm and often prolonged conflict that takes place between states, nations or other parties illustrated by extreme aggression, social disruption and usually high mortality. War can be visualized as an actual intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities and as a result can also be defined as a form of political violence. According to the text warfare is the set of techniques used to carry out war by a group. (p. 506). War ultimately leads to global insecurity meaning global insecurity is a result of war just as having a Sexually Transmitted Disease is a result of unprotected sex or sexual permissiveness. One major aspect of global insecurity is poverty which in contemporary society is a major social problem; war contributes to unemployment, disability if someone falls victim to one of the attacks, the destruction of agriculture, livestock and infrastructure.


War does not just affect the person who partook in it; according to the text war disrupts the lives of the civilians whose homeland has become a battleground. (p. 489). War also affects people indirectly mostly in an economic sense because they are now forced to migrate. * Psychological factors- argue that war and global insecurity is a conversion of an individual’s grievances into bias and hatred towards other ethnic groups, nations and ideologies. Terrorists have found that humans are inherently violent, and to display it, they would vent on things they dislike, thus...
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