Wang: Blood and People

Topics: Blood donation, Blood, Blood plasma Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Heng Wang
Section: 655
Speech date: Feb 29th, 2013
Specific Purpose: this speech is aimed to persuade the audience to accept the donation of blood and be willing to donate blood for times Proposition: Blood donation is safe, and can save many people’s life. People should donate blood regularly. Audience Type: neutral

I. Attention-getter: It is a true story about my friend. I was in a club of ski in China and one of my friends in that club called Totem, he is more skillful than me and one day, while he is doing the alpine skiing, he fell down and suffered broken bones and was cut by the skis. Other club members send him to hospital and only some people can give him a new life. Those people are blood donation because on his surgery he needs a blood transfusion and those people are you, my honored audience. According to Dr. Bianco, the president of America’s blood center, you re the new generation of donors – people in their late teens and early twenties. He says that this “new generation of donors is the key to our blood supply today and tomorrow.” Through extensive research and personal experience of giving blood, I have learned how important it is to donate blood.

[Transitional Signal: After explaining the need for a sufficient blood supply, the donation process, and benefits of donating blood, I hope you will decide to save people’s life just like saving life of my friend Totem.]

II. Need: However, the rate of blood supply still cannot reach to a satisfying level A. The country, the world need more people to giving their blood to people who have urgent need. 1. But many teenagers or possible donators are afraid of blood donation; they do not accept it as a normal thing and still cannot realize it is a good way to save other’s life. In the other word, people do not willing to donate their blood as ten year ago. 2. It leads to national shortage in blood supply

3. According to the Red Cross Official Website, Americans are facing the...
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