Walt Disney Strategy

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Indhira Sembiring Meliala
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This case is about a world well known corporate which has four business sectors; theme parks and resorts, media networks (cable networks and internet), studio entertainment and also consumer products. It is Walt Disney, a company founded by Walter Elias Disney and Roy Disney (his brother) as the partner who managed the money of this studio. Started from a small animation studio and now already expand its diversification business throughout the world.

Problem Statement
It is stated in the case that The Walt Disney Company is a vast multinational corporation, which stands at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Disney is known nearly all over the world for its intangible product of happiness. So, due to the expanding into global markets, there are two problems that will be discussed in this paper: 1. How should Disney maintain its corporate culture as it continues to expand into global markets? 2. How should the HR division synergize with the Disney’s strategy on going global?

Case Evidences and Analysis
One of the key success in Disney relates to how the cast membership and the management work and live the values honesty, integrity, respect, courage, openness, diversity, and balance. Thus, these values could be seen through their behavior and traits, like making guests happy, caring about fellow cast members, working as a team, delivering quality, fostering creativity, paying attention to every detail, and having an emotional commitment to Disney.

Do they need to change due to the global business? I do not think here that Disney should make a dramatic changing for its culture. The actually action should be done by the Disney’s family is how to maintain its existing culture and do an adaptation with the global markets but still keeping their own values. The values in Disney are universal, that will fit to anytime, place, and...
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