Walt Disney Concert Hall Critical Essay-When Art and Architecture Merge

Topics: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: February 1, 2011
“Why can't we have those curves and arches that express feeling in design? What is wrong with them? Why has everything got to be vertical, straight, unbending, only at right angles - and functional?” ¾Charles, Prince of Wales. (Quotes)

Three years ago I was studying high school in Los Angeles, and during vacation I travelled around and explored the city. I still remember out of all the locations that I have toured, Walt Disney Concert Hall probably is the one that stands out most in my memory. Although I didn’t visit the interior of the Concert Hall, the exterior appearance left a profound impact on me influencing my view regarding the society and art. I feel astounded by how Gehry’s work can beautifully allow art and architecture to collide into a piece of functional aesthetic structure.

Among all the nearby and typical buildings in the city of Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank O. Gehry, becomes a prominent infrastructure and representative of the area. It reveals an eye-catching comparison as it unconventional, curvaceous, irregular and stirring style contrasts with the surrounding proportional, balance, symmetrical and straight buildings. Through the critical examining of its construction styles, design, social manifestation, and public response which I am going to evaluate in this essay, I want to expose an understanding of how architecture reflects on its symbolic function and societal progression.

“I know I draw without taking my pen off the page. I just keep going, and that my drawings I think of them as scribbles. I don't think they mean anything to anybody except to me, and then at the end of the day, the end of the project they wheel out these little drawings and they're damn close to what the finished building is and, and it's the drawing, the hand eye coordination which starts to generate this, the beginnings of this kind of ephemeral image, and it's the way from those drawings I organ..., it's strange what I do, I...
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