Wallmart Sustainability Report Analysis

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Walmart Report

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March 25, 2011

Nowadays when talking about Walmart we are referring to one of the biggest and successful companies worldwide. When talking about Walmart we don’t just think about a supply chain of stores that are located in every continent, but a store that a consumer can purchase all kind of unimaginable goods.

Walmart isn’t just a company that offers different sorts of products (food, clothing, tools, furniture, etc.), it is a huge company with more than 8,400 stores in 15 different countries and is also the source of work for more than 2 millions people all around the world (Walmart Sustainability Report, 2010).

The purpose of Walmart since the beginning has been to give their costumers lower prices, than those offered by similar stores. With that philosophy the company has been able to stand up in the retail market with amazing success.

As a positive for their customers, through its policy of environmental care, Walmart has been able give their clients products with great quality and with less toxic agents.

Walmart has put lots of effort into its Green Project against the Greenhouse Toxic Gases, this initiative has made their stores more sustainable and less contaminating.

In its attempt to create improvements in their labor policies, Walmart has created a number of benefits for their staff and as a result has been able to offer its employees better quality of life.

Task 1

1.- Identify and describe how Walmart’s expressed values and strategy both fits with and differs from the two management strategies we discuss in class.

Walmart has a clear management strategy, the Fayolism, and how I came to this conclusion is the following.

Part of Fayol’s theory of management is based in more benefits for employees. “He had 14 principles and some of them talk about how a company should treat its employees. He states that workers deserve respect in their workplace, that they deserve also a fair wage and that they should have equity in the treatment. Fayol believed that managers should be able to rely on their workers, that if a manager is able to trust them, they would respond acting by own initiative.” (McDowall, 2011)

Having a deep look at Walmart´s Report, I noticed clear characteristics of Fayolism, Walmart put under disposition of all the employees the company resources giving their Associates (another way for Walmart to call their workers) the opportunity to grow in the company and help them with the development of their skills giving them training. They also give their staff and their families health care coverage. With this dispositions Walmart is going to have efficient and happier workers, and with the Company will have more benefits.

2. - Discuss how the values and strategy described on the website reflect what Walmart considers to be the right value to create and the right way to create that value.

After having analyzed the whole Walmart report that appears on the web site, I concluded that Walmart stand out for the three following values:

Save customers money (Walmart Sustainability Report, 2010, p.23)

• Walmart works direct with the suppliers and also use sustainable technology in their stores. Both facts help the company to save money and that saving is reflected in the lower prices and quality products that they are able to offer their customers.

Help people live better (community, employees, suppliers) (Walmart Sustainability Report, 2010, p.24)

• Walmart have been developing their employees through a workforce development program and have also given them affordable health benefits.

• The company also makes a lot of charity donations all around the world.

• Walmart show concern for their suppliers giving them training so they can manage...
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