Walking in My Shoes

Topics: United States Army, Family, United States Pages: 7 (2997 words) Published: March 31, 2012
A Walk in My Shoes

Shantrese Molette

PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment

Prof. Linda Beckham

February 27, 2012

I. Where are you from?
a. Maplesville, AL
b. Selma, AL
II. What was your family like?
a. Parents abusive relationship
b. Brother and I
c. Large extended family
III. What are your greatest achievements?
a. Military Service
b. Parenthood
c. Continuing Education
IV. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? a. Raise my children to be great productive Christian men in society b. Give back to my community
c. To become a Child Psychologist
d. To complete my education with a Doctorate degree

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself that it would be nice to live their life? Well I think most of us have, but in reality their life is not what it seems. Just think about all the things you have been through. Do you want someone else to walk in your shoes? Life in my shoes was not, is not, and probable never will be an easy life. My life has taken me through many up and downs. Through those ups and during those downs I have learned so much about myself, others and living life in general. I know I do not want to trade my life for someone else’s life because the grass is never greener on the other side, it just disguised to look pretty. With my life I know where I have been, where I am at, and the plan to get to where I want to be. It hasn’t always been cookies and cream but it is the life that has made me the person I am now. Growing up in a small town, living with the parents I have, enjoying the small things I love, achieving some goals, and creating more goals is the road I will take you down. Let’s take a walk in my small town shoes. Clanton, Alabama located in Chilton County which is central Alabama is where I, Shantrese, was born. My delivery would be unusual for most people today because it wasn’t handled by a “real” doctor. Well he was a doctor; a horse doctor is what my mom called him. I know that sounds crazy to most people in today’s world but back then, 1981 you would take who was available. He, the veterinarian, was available and I am thankful to him for helping my young mother bring me into this world. Although I was born in Clanton, I was raised mostly in Maplesville and Selma Alabama. Both towns are small but they have different advantages and disadvantages. These towns help mold me into the person I am today. During my years in Maplesville, a town made of mostly Caucasians and few African Americans, I felt out of place. Not just because of my race but because of my family as well. This was my mother’s home town. She grew up in Maplesville with her 12 sisters and brother, mom and dad. Now my family totally loves me and everyone within the family, but being a niece that was around the same age of a few uncles and aunts made things hard. I never felt like a real part of the family being the only dark skinned little girl within this circle. I know I was loved, but that’s different from feeling it. I would usually hang out and enjoy a couple of cousins. As I think back it was probably because we were walking in similar shoes being dark skinned girls in a small town of Caucasian people, with family members who were light skinned as well. Life was never made to seem hard but no one knows how you feel on the inside because they are not walking in your shoes. No one even considers that you felt left out, unwanted, or secluded from family and functions. It wasn’t where I wanted to be growing up. I had a very difficult time in Maplesville. Then we moved to Selma, Alabama. Selma is made up of more African Americans that Caucasian Americans. This made a difference for me. I was no longer one of four or five African American in class but now I was in the majority. I got to...
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