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"Where I Lived and What I Lived For" -- How have technology and the Industrial Revolution damaged humans? Technology and the Industrial Revolution have damaged humans because they have caused humans to rely upon technology to such a large extent that they have forgotten life without it. Instead of using technology as an added benefit to life, humans have begun to use technology as a necessity for life. An example of this is how Thoreau states that "we do not ride the railroad. It rides upon us." In other words, we have begun to complicate and develop newer technology in our exterior world while failing to acknowledge the more important interior world, which is truly all we need. Basically, technology has caused humans to become increasingly superficial.

"The Village" -- What does Thoreau mean when he says that one must travel through the dark to find one's way? When Thoreau states that one must travel through the dark to find one's way, he means that human beings are essentially living in an extremely materialistic world, which symbolizes the dark through which an individual must fumble to achieve enlightenment. This enlightenment only occurs when an individual recognizes the futility of material goods and begins to live on the basis of thoughts and inner wisdom, completely abandoning material wealth for a more simplified lifestyle. Thus, Thoreau uses the concept of traveling through the dark to find one's way as a larger metaphor for life itself.

"The Ponds" -- How does Thoreau's imagery and descriptions of the ponds convey a sense of religion? Thoreau's imagery and descriptions of the ponds specifically describe Walden pond as being green at times and blue at other times. This makes Walden pond seem like a connecting medium between heaven and earth. In this way, the pond essentially connects the physical world to the spiritual world. Moreover, the fact that one's reflection can be viewed in the surface of the pond suggests the possibility of the pond...
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