Wake County Public School Board: the Regression to the Past

Topics: Education, High school, Independent school Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Wake County Public school Board: The Regression to The Past
On many North Carolinians televisions, newspapers, and local radio stations is the topic of Wake County’s dismantle of an innovative educational diversity program. Over the past 50-years North Carolina school’s has been working hard to included every aspect of diversity from something as complex as foreign languages to something as simple as multicultural posters hanging in the school hallways. In the near future; however, the community assignment zones will lead to a major division between the “haves” verse the “have-nots.” Association of School Administrators named then-superintendant Bill McNeal the National ”to Shorty after Wake County School board decided to end its program of busing students to distant schools based on their races; instead, it would bus to blend students of the opposing economic status, eventually ensuing in both racial and class diversity. However, seven years later the Supreme Court ruled that race is incapable of providing determining factor of student’s schools districts. Wake County Public School Board’s verdict to end its nationally recognized income-based busing policy to the new establishment of “community assignment zones” – lack of equal education – and will regress back to segregated school systems. Children from wealthy neighborhood are being bused to schools in poorer areas, and it is not fair to pay to live in upper-class neighborhoods and for the children not be able to attend schools within residential areas. For instance, a suburban woman moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in the year 2000; she was thrilled about letting her children attend local prestige public schools within their residential district. She began chatting with her neighbors about Wake County’s public school system. Her neighbors advised to stray away from the excitement, for Wake County has a desegregation policy. The neighbors explained that some children from wealthy neighborhoods were bused...
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