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What made you choose nursing as a career?
-nursing is one of the most interesting and growing careers available today -------------------------------------------------
-I enjoy the difference I can make in my patient's hospital experience. How has your training prepared you for a nursing career?
-I had an internship position after graduation in a primary hospital which gave me hands on experience with patients. After I took the board exam they promoted me as a staff nurse specializing in emergency care. I was also eager in attending seminars and workshops to further expand my nursing knowledge and skills. What interests you about working at this facility?"

-Your facility has one of the top rated Cardiac units in the country, and I am interested in utilizing my experience with Cardiac patients in a hospital engaging in the latest research and techniques. Do you have any professional affiliations?

Absolutely, I feel it's important to stay informed about the nursing profession. I'm a member of the Philippine Nurses Association, and the Critical Care Nurses Assoc of the Phili. What do you feel you contribute to your patients?

I feel that my patients know that I am there to provide comfort and understanding, that I will listen to their concerns, and that I will act as their advocate if necessary. How do you handle stress on the job?

By focusing on the most important thing, the care of the patient. I feel I owe it to my patients to stay calm and focused on them. -------------------------------------------------
In the ER setting, there are often stressful situations that arise. I just make sure that the stresses of the job don't interfere with the care of the patient. How would you deal with a doctor who was rude and demeaning to you? -------------------------------------------------

If it were a one time occurrence, I would figure that she was just having a bad day. If it happened repeatedly, I would notify my supervisor.  If the doctor was displeased with me in some way, I would want to find out so I could take action to rectify the situation. How would you handle a patient who complains constantly of pain? -------------------------------------------------

I would listen empathetically to their complaint, reassure them that their concerns were being heard, and that we were doing everything possible to help them. How would you handle a patient who complains about everything? -------------------------------------------------

I understand that some patients will complain about everything, just because they are unhappy about what brought them to our care. I just reassure them that everything possible is being done to make them comfortable. How would you handle the family of a patient in your care who is displeased with your care of the patient? -------------------------------------------------

Sometimes family members are looking for someone or something to blame for what their loved one is going through. I would try to reassure them that the patient was getting the best quality of care available What would you do if your replacement didn't arrive on time? -------------------------------------------------

I would notify the supervisor, and offer to stay until my replacement arrived. If you had the opportunity to become a doctor, would you take it? -------------------------------------------------
I chose to become a nurse because I find the field fascinating. I plan on advancing my career as a nurse, not a doctor. Would you describe yourself as an organized person?
I am a very organized and thorough person, which I think contributes to my success as a nurse. Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team?
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