Vulnerable Populations in Current Events

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Vulnerable Populations in Current Events

What Discussing an event related to vulnerable populations. The Buddy System, by Maya Bell
Published by MEDICINE, the Magazine of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of medicine, the article address the role of community health workers in overcome the barriers to effective care for underserved populations in Miami, specifically HIV/AIDS population in Miami, where this disease is the principal death cause for African-Americans between 25-44 years old (Bell, 2011, p. 2). The article points the important of these workers as health promoters. Working with HIV/AIDS population to improve drug compliance on this group. Article is a news overview for this randomized study and provides some insights in the Center mission and objectives, as well as the dedication of the staff serving this vulnerable group in our community. •

How would you define a vulnerable population?
A vulnerable population is a group of the society in a greater health risk than the rest of the people. De Chesnay (2012) defined “…is a public health concept that refers to vulnerability by virtue of status; that is, some groups are at risk at any given point in time relative to other individuals or groups” (p. 4). These groups could be in any kind of health-related risk, such as compromised physical, mental or social. Examples of these groups are chronically ill and disable persons, HIV/AIDS patients, high risk-mothers and infants, some chronic conditions, elder population, immigrants and ethnics minorities, homeless, economically disadvantaged persons, uninsured population. What barriers may prevent these groups from obtaining needed services? Several factors constrain the ability to use health services for groups in vulnerable situations. -Language limitations: For inmigrants this is a limitation in access to adequate services. They could be find difficult communicate adequately with providers. -Educational...
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