Voting Id Law in Texas

Topics: Voting, Voter turnout, Democracy Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 11, 2013
law Jacob Rodriguez
Course Texas Government 2306
Professor Jones
Nov 12, 2012

Voter ID Law
Recently a voter id law has been swore into the state of Texas this law would mandate in order to vote you must present a photo id before you are allowed to vote. A big controversial over this bill has began deciding if it’s a scheme for the republicans to gain more votes or to prevent voter fraud at the polls. After researching this topic my opinions is voting fraud is not a huge problem in the United States about 15 cases of voter fraud occurs each year. This law is being used as republican’s tool from keeping democratic voters from voting. Voter id law would discourage citizen from voting so the outcome may result in their favor. In the U.S. census data the poverty rate for Hispanic is at 25.8% and for African Americans is 23.3%. Since poverty rates are so high many citizen might find it finically difficult obtain an identification card. The state of Texas says they will issue you an id for free if being used to vote but in order to obtain this id you must have a birth certificated that cost around 22 dollars. Numerous citizens work for hourly wages so they may not have the time to go to a DPS office. Texas has DMV offices in only 81 of 254 counties in the state which means many citizens would have to drive up to 250 miles to obtain a new voter ID. Few of these citizens might not own a vehicle and rely on public transportation so this trip could be out of the question. Since this would become a problem many of these citizens will just not vote because the hassle is too great. According to the statics would cause great harm for the Hispanic, African American and low income voters which are more likely to vote democratic than republican. The republican pushed for the voter ID law to benefit their party and proof of this was on fox news a republican said “with the passing of the voter ID law Mitt Romney will be sure to win”. However by the courts they have...
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