Vote For Snowball: The Kosher Porker

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, Human Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Tulip Serbin

Vote For Snowball: The Kosher Porker
At a time when food and spirits were low, a certain candidate stepped up to the hay mound to lift up such grief and depression. In his actions and improvements to better the farm, he made the harvest more productive, and led victory through a tough battle. No one would be a greater leader than Snowball. He supported animals’ rights, a continued revolution, and productivity. Shortly after the rebellion of Mr. Jones, to signify this exciting new change to the society of human kind, Manor Farm was quickly changed to Animal Farm. By Snowball changing the name of the farm, it now indicated that this farm was run and operated by animals. Not only did this show farmers the strength of the animals, but also the effecting power they could have. Snowball’s dream was to have every farm run and operated by animals. Snowball was very persuasive. Snowball persuaded the animals with the simple sentence, which said, “Surely, comrades, surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back” (Orwell 52)? To put his plan of a continued revolution in action, he then sent pigeons to all the neighboring farms to spread the word of the rebellion, hoping to get other animals thinking of the same idea. Also, the Beats of England song was being highly recognized and sung by animals and humans alike. Snowball was definitely a highly determined pig, and knew how to popularize his farm and its effecting power. Nothing could be more superior in a leader, than being “for the people”. Snowball was for the Animals’ Rights, and showed it prominent ways. During Old major’s speech, he came up with the idea of Animalism, where animals are highly acknowledged, and humans are shunned from the animal world. Snowball was the first pig to take any action in improving upon Animalism. Old Major had a long list of rules and regulations for the animals if a rebellion was to take place. Snowball...
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