Volunteer Assignment

Topics: Learning, Multiplication, Help me Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Community service is a very important factor when it comes to improving the society. It shows how much care you show to the community when it comes to helping out the ones that are in need. As being a member of the community, I try to help out and support others as much as I can. Although community service can be very time consuming, I feel that helping out someone in my community that is in need is much more important, since the best thing a person can do is donate their time to someone. The place that I have chosen to do community service at is Chang’s Learning Center located on 17th Avenue and Bath Avenue. This place has given me a lot of experience and a wonderful time helping out the little kids that needed help with their homework. Being a single kid and your parents that came from another country, I never had any help with my homework. My parents would help me once in awhile but most of the time I was on my own. Sometimes I would struggle with my homework due the questions being very difficult. I was given help from tutors and now that I have grown up through the years, I would like to do the same to the little kids that needed my help. When I first entered the door of Chang’s Learning Center, I was greeted by a young woman whose name Leona Chang, the one that had appointed me this job. She asked me, “What can I help you with?” seeing that I was not a familiar face. I told her that I needed 20 hours of community service. She told me that it would be great and that they needed as much help as they could. I was off to volunteer the next day after school. I was excited yet nervous because I am a very impatient person especially around little kids. I was appointed to little boy whose name was William and is in the second grade. Leona had told me that William needed help with his math homework. It was about the multiplication table, I thought to myself, wow this very easy but the hardest part is trying to explain to him. I thought of a very simple...
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