Topics: Therapy, Physical therapy, Exercise Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The organization I chose to do my volunteer work was Action Physical Therapy. I chose this PT office because I have some interest in physical therapy as a career and I enjoy this line of work. The physical therapist who supervised me and worked with me the most was KP Lee. I was treated as an assistant to the Doctors and trainers in the office.

My role in the office was to do the miscellaneous work and provide help of any kind to the therapists and patients. I did a lot of laundry, folding, washing and drying. I cleaned each table after a patient was done with it. I put clean sheets on the pillows and tables. I wiped down any equipment that was used. I also made a lot of heat packs and cold packs and applied them to the various patients’ injuries. I was in charge of timing them and making sure they received their heat and ice before and after each therapy session.

While I was not involved with all of the four functions of management, I did see the different functions being implemented throughout the office by the therapists, the receptionists and the trainers. As far as planning goes, there was a dry erase board used with the lists of names of patients being seen that day. The trainer wrote down many different exercises to be performed that day. They did this to help the process go more smoothly. There are far more patients than therapists and trainers so this way the patients could walk in, look at the board and know where to begin after heating their injuries. The therapist and trainer would check up on them and coach them along the way. The organization of the office was the main therapist, Mike, the Kp, the trainer and then there was me. Holly is the Head of the office but she was not there. The office used the function of implementation by giving certain tasks to be carried out by different people. The therapist is the person who diagnoses and massages and treats injuries. The trainer is an assistant to the therapist. They give the patients tasks and...
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