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Voltaire; A Pessimistic Individual

Voltaire was a writer born in France; he lived in Britain for a few years, studying the two countries France and Britain. Voltaire enthusiastically voiced that the French were much less superior to Britain, even though France was his country of birth. Regardless of how many times he was incarcerated or exiled, he condemned France.

Voltaire was born into a middle class bourgeois family and educated by the Jesuits where he was introduced to literature and poetry, but he rejected the Jesuits ideas and teachings. In contrast to the French, the British valued people for their achievements not their lineage, Britain was far more tolerant over religious preference, and they encouraged the study of science, literature and philosophy.

Over time, after repeatedly criticizing France and the nobles there, he was beaten and imprisoned in Bastille multiple times and then finally exiled to Britain upon his release.
In Britain Voltaire loved his life, he wrote poetry and plays, enjoyed being able to write freely without the threat of imprisonment. He returned to Paris though and began writing the book, Philosophical Letters, which boosted his reputation as a writer, but warrant was issued for his arrest that forced him into exile again. The book was banned and burned. He moved in with his friend, Marquise du Chatelet and her husband where he continued writing poems, plays and histories. He was inspired and happy living with Marquise and most productive.

In 1749, Marquise du Chatelet died, which was a devastating loss to Voltaire. He did not want to stay there any longer and he took to traveling. Frederick the Great invited him to visit Frankfurt, but their personalities conflicted so much that he was arrested once again. Voltaire left Prussia immediately after his release and tried to settle in Geneva. His angst and attitude caused him to get involved in the local politics and he was banished again. By this time...
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