Vocabulary: Democratic Party and States -historical Importance

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  • Published : October 13, 2014
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-Sherman Antitrust Act
-Who/What: a law that made it illegal to create monopolies or trusts that restrained free trade
-When: 1890, United States
-Historical Importance: Allowed for free trade to occur with nothing to stop it. -Sweatshops
-Who/What: small workshop set up in a tenement rather than in centralized factories
-When: early 1900s, United States
-Historical Importance: They showed how horrible it was to live in bad conditions. -Knights of Labor
-Who/What: secret society that became the first truly national labor union in the United States
-When: 1872, United States
-Historical Importance: Was only a more effective group, but by 1869, more than 700,000 members were apart of the Knights of Labor. -Terence V. Powderly
-Who/What: was the leader of the Knights of Labor
-When: 1800s, United States
-Historical Importance: Under his leadership he accepted more than the average man. Unskilled workers, women, and African Americans were all brought into the Knights of Labor. -Xenophobia
-Who/What: the fear of foreigners
-When: 1886, United States
-Historical Importance: Segregated foreigners from Americans -Blacklists
-Who/What: a list or register of people who are being denied a particular freedom or privilege
-When: 1886, United States
-Historical Importance: Allowed for others who had been excluded by the unions, to now be able to replace those who wish to protest instead of work -Samuel Gompers
-Who/What: American labor leader; he helped found the American Federation of Labor
-When: 1886, United States
-Historical Importance: Led a group of skilled workers, in hopes of gaining higher wages and shorter work weeks

-American Federation of Labor
-Who/What: labor organization that united skilled workers into national unions for specific industries
-When: 1886, United States
-Historical Importance: Was one of the first federation of labor unions in the United States -Eugene V. Debs
-Who/What: leader of the...