Visual Auschwitz Analysis

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Jews Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: March 17, 2013
World War Two was a horrific event, as indicated in the image of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This is where it is estimated that as many as three million Jews were killed during the terror caused by Adolf Hitler. I travel on a train every day to school. It is a pleasant way to travel and my only concerns are not getting a seat and being late for school. I see an image here of train passengers just seventy years ago whose journey and fate highlights anti-Semitism, supremacy and inhumanity. These ideas are portrayed to the viewer through the use of visual techniques. This image communicates sadness and immense anger to the viewer, as well as extremely significant ideas. Images can communicate ideas to the viewer through the use of visual techniques that can inform the viewer on the past and change the way we see our society; this is all done through the application of visual techniques. Anti-Semitism was ubiquitous during World War Two as well as in this image. The most apparent technique promoting anti-Semitism is juxtaposition, supported symbolism. The most prominent aspect of this composition is of a swastika; it is one of the focal points, which shows symbolism. This draws attention to the symbolic swastika that the viewer will associate with Nazis and the Anti-Semitism. The train laden with Jews creates leading lines in the composition; this draws the eyes along the road, which appears never ending. This is symbolic of the endless amount of Jews that were murdered. The idea of anti-Semitism is demonstrated to the viewer through the implementation of visual techniques. The idea of anti-Semitism conveyed alters the way we see people in our current society where philosemitism prevails. Today we are interested on the positive impacts of Judaism on the world. Jewish people are widely respected and appreciated and there is great interest in their historical significance. The idea of supremacy was prominent during World War Two; the Nazi soldiers under Hitler’s authority...
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