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Maintenance of law and order in any society has been the cornerstone of development in many societies over a long period of time. Thus, a societal structure needs to be developed for it to promote and protect the law and order in the society. Communities have in the past been at the forefront in initiating law and order enforcement programs within their locality to enhance a peaceful and progressive society. To be able to run such a program, communal groups are supposed to oversee and execute the relevant policies that promote the idea. This has seen community policing units formed to run the administration and operations of law and order enforcement in a society. They played a great role in developing the social and economic wellbeing of the communities they serve. One of the community policing programs that has been formed in the past, is the Virtual County Police Department. Virtual County Police Department

The agency was started by Virtual County community 55 years ago where it was headed by a Chief with an assistant leading small numbers of police officers who relied on farming as their economic activity. Over the last two decades, the initiative has been able to become the primary policing agent in the County (Virtual County Police Department, 2009). This has been a major achievement since it has ended the problems it had with the State Police in carrying out its operations. In addition, the personnel have grown from the initial small figure of officers to more than 400 officers and 170 assisting civilian staff members in its operation. This is a milestone step towards maintaining law and order in this area.

In executing its operations, the department is run by two commands which comprise of operation command and administration command. The two commands are assisted to execute and implement the rules and policies of the agency by several divisions under each wing. At the top of its organizational chart is the office of police chief which...
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