Violence in Dracula

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  • Published : February 6, 2002
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Throughout many types of literature, violence exists to enhance the reader's interest in order to add a sense of excitement or conflict to a novel. This statement withholds much truthfulness due to the fact that without violence in a piece of literature such as Dracula by Bram Stoker, the plot would not have the same impact if it were lacking violence. So to holds true to that of the movie. The movie bares different characteristics then that of the book. First off, the whole ordeal with the wolf escaping and jumping into Lucy's, room and Lucy's mom having a heart attacked is never even mention in the movie. Second, The night when the four men go to Lucy's grave and find it empty is stated both in the book and in the movie however what unfolds after this is different. Finally, the end of the book differs severely from what Francis Ford Copolas rendition and that of the Bram Stoker see it to be. The differences are as follows…

A newspaper clipping from September 18 reports that a large wolf escaped from its cage for a night and returned the next morning, On the night of the 17th, Lucy records how she awakes, frightened by a flapping at the window and a howling outside. Her mother comes in, frightened by the noise, and joins her in bed. Suddenly, the window is broken, and a huge wolf leaps in. Terrified, Lucy's mother tears the garlic wreath from her daughter's neck and then suffers a heart attack and dies. Lucy loses consciousness, and when she regains it, the wolf is gone. The four household maids come in and are terrified by the sight of the body; they go to have a glass of wine, but the liquid is drugged and they pass out. Lucy is left alone, and she hides her diary, writing at the end that the "air seems full of specks, floating and circling . . . and the lights burn blue and dim. (Stoker 117)" This part in the book keeps the reader on the edge of his seat to read as to what will occur next. Is baffling to me as to why Copola decided not to include it in...
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