Violence 101

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Describe at least one friendship that was important in the texts, explain how the friendship helped you to understand one or more of the characters in the text. I will be describing the friendship between Terry and Hamish. This friendship helped me to understand more about Hamish and Terry and how they feel towards each other.

After reading about Hamish and Terry their friendship and what they are like got stuck vividly in my mind. Like any other friendship there’s has its ups and downs. Their friendship shows you how a nasty little kid with a horrid background can become friends with a counsellor like Terry. In their relationship they play lots of little games that are integrated into their every conversation one of these games is a word game where every now and then Terry will throw a big word into the conversation, this intrigues Hamish as he likes big words. This word game shows you that Hamish tends to be more likely to become friends with a person who uses big words.

All of these things help me to understand Hamish a little bit more as it shows us that Hamish is intelligent and is happy to talk to anyone who can prove themselves to be at least somewhat as intelligent as him. I suppose to Hamish, Terry is a special counsellor as he is the only one who truly understands Hamish unlike the other counsellors who laughed at him and wouldn't allow him to talk about anything other than himself, whereas Terry allows him to talk about his 3 heroes Alexander the great, Te Rauparaha, and Charles Upham but only if Hamish talks about himself a little, which i don’t believe he minds doing as long as he gets to talk about his 3 heroes. An example of a counsellor that went wrong with Hamish was when a counsellor said “what? Didn’t you get enough when you were a baby?” which caused Hamish to lash out, Terry avoids doing this or anything similar and stays away from even jokingly insulting Hamish

Some of these things help me to understand Terry as it shows that he is...
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