Vingo's Situation in "Going Home"

Topics: American films, Trolleybus, English-language films Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: May 31, 2012
English two-hour test 15.09.11
Task 1:
Vingo’s situation in Going Home.
In this article I will discuss the situation the main character, in the story Going Home, was in. The story is written by Pete Hamill, an American journalist. It is about a group of six young people which is going from New York to Florida. On the bus they notice a guy sitting in front of them. He had been sitting in the same position the whole time, in complete silence. They start discussing the guy, and become more and more curious. This guy is Vingo. In the beginning of the story Vingo seems very quiet and introverted. When one of the girls in the group starts asking him questions, he only replies with short sentences, and doesn’t seem very interested in talking with her. This is understandable considering she is a complete stranger. But it seems as the girl gets even more interested in knowing who he really is. And the long bus ride gives her the opportunity to do so. After a while, Vingo confide in the girl, and starts telling what’s happened to him. He goes from being quiet and shy, to telling the girl his story. The fact that he has been in jail for the last four years says a lot about him and his situation. He probably didn’t have anybody to speak to about his situation when he was in jail, and he needs someone to tell his story to. This is probably the reason that he placed so much trust in the young stranger. The fact that Vingo has sent her letters without getting any answer makes us sympathize with him, and it shows us how nervous and maybe worried he must be. He ended up in jail, probably after doing something bad, and he were there four years. It must have been a difficult time for his wife, especially because she had to take care of their kids all by herself, and it’s impossible to know if she is going to take him back or not. The choice his wife makes can mean everything for Vingo. If she doesn’t take him back, he probably won’t see his kids or the women he loves...
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