Vinamilk vs Th True Milk: the Conversation Battle

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VINAMILK VS TH TRUE MILK: a controversial battle
Since 2000s, advertising industry in Vietnam has increased dramatically as Vietnamnet stated that “The number of Vietnam’s advertising firms had grown from around 1,000 in 2002 to nearly 7,000 now. Their total revenue was estimated at $900 million last year” (2011). As a result, advertising meets the need of companies making general public be aware of their product and satisfies the audience who is driving in consumerism. Advertising campaigns can foster the image of the brand or destroy the reputation of the company and the advertising agency involved immediately. On the one hand, an influential advertising campaign can maintain brand equity, brand image and brand awareness for a long time, as with “Rising high Vietnam” campaign in 2010 and “Believe in Vietnam 2009” of Vinamilk who hold the largest shares in the Vietnam milk market (Huyen Thanh, 2011). On the other hand, an effective advertising campaign can win consumer at the beginning day of launching new product, as “TH True Milk is truly clean milk” campaign of TH True Milk in 2010.

Several definitions of creativity can be identified. During the lecture on 28 February 2012 for Grap2412 Practice and Theory of Creativity, RIMT University, Vietnam SGS, the lecturer Melanie Casul stated that creativity is able to convert human behavior and that advertising is a creative activity solving problems between client and consumer. As a result, she also defined that advertising relates to a story about the brand in a meaningful way which gives what people want/benefits from the material world. Drewniany and Jewler defined that creative ads is a relevant combination between the brand and its target consumer and aim to selling idea in an unexpected way (2011). The author supported the first statement ‘creativity ads connect the brand and its target audience relevantly’ that by understanding consumer behavior, the company will sell the consumer things that make them happy, which is from Ann Hayden, creative director. Two method of presenting the selling ideas are rational and emotional. Unexpected advertising depends on choice of words, visuals, media or all three. From these definitions, I believe that the campaigns of Vinamilk and TH True Milk which are consistent in strategy and the use of a diversity of media format (TVC, print ads, billboard and outdoors) are creative for their specific category. First, as mentioned in the course note for Grap2412 Practice and Theory of Creativity, RMIT University, Vietnam SGS, role of advertising in Vietnam was gradually recognized and became influential in free market economy from late 2000s. These advertising campaigns both released from 2008 to 2011 when advertising wasn’t considered as a social crime anymore, however, increased dramatically. Moreover, time release of “Believe in Vietnam” campaign of Vinamilk was excellent. Right after WHO calculated that Vietnam was one of the Asians countries getting highest rate of malnourished children, Vinamilk has launched as a highly correspondent social responsibility (CSR) brand. Second, in term of TVC, “TH True milk is truly clean milk” launched at the end of 2010 is a product-oriented advertising campaign in the sub-category of product feature. This is a creative and smart choice because Vietnam dairy milk market is a harsh market with many strong competitors (Huyen Thanh, 2011) while Felton stated that this strategy approach works best in competitive market (2011).

Figure 1: TH True Milk TVC reproduced from youtube posted by DentsuAlphaVietnam This TVC present the only one feature of TH milk, and this is “clean”. In fact, all milk traded in the market must be qualified as clean by Vietnamese Medical Office, but TH True Milk said it first, therefore, appearing to be unique and owning territory in consumer’s mind. So this above-the-line TVC is also seen as product-oriented in the sub-category of unique selling proposition (USP). USP make...
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