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Topics: Higher education, Secondary education, Education Pages: 11 (3675 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Access to Education in Kamweshok Village, Kapchorwa District

Table of Contents

I) Introduction
a. Geography and Climate
b. Socio-Economy
c. Population, Composition, Dynamic
d. Reasons for the research
e. Objectives
II) Methods
III) Assessment of strength and weaknesses
IV) Findings and discussions
f. Development issues in Kamweshok Village
g. Villagers’ perspectives on education
h. Reasons for low level of education
i. Effects of poor education
j. Issues to the access of education
k. Cause and effect analysis

a. Geography and Climate
The research on the development issue of access to education was conducted in Kamweshok Village located in Ngangata Parish, Kaptanya Sub-county, Teingei county, Kapchorwa district. The village is located in the eastern part of Uganda, which is a mountainous area where Mount Elgon is located. Due to the mountainous terrains, the area is a densely forested region with waterfalls and streams. Thus, as the climate is ultimately effected by the high altitude of the land, it is very cool and windy during the morning and night. However, the village does get the strong sun light during the days as well. b. Socio-Economy

The socio-economy of the Kamweshok village is highly influenced by the area’s geographical features as mountainous terrains with great soil fertilization and climate. Thus, the major source of income for the villagers comes from the agricultural sector as farmers grow and sell their crops. The main crops that are grown in the village are beans, coffee, cassavas, bananas, maize, and millets. In addition, animal husbandry plays a major role in the economy of the villagers though the scale of cattle-hurdling has been significantly reduced since the Karamojong conflict, which was a major cattle raid conflict that displaced many individuals. Farm animal livestock, such as cows, chickens, and goats, are domesticated and also utilized as a source of income through trades. Although the agricultural sector ultimately plays the dominant role in the socio-economy of the village, some farmers also have an alternative profession during the dry season as well. Some individuals have small businesses outside of the village, while some are government workers, such as the local council members. c. Population, Composition, Dynamic

Kamweshok Village is a small, rural village with a total of fifty-six households. According to David, Secretary for Security (LC1), the small scale of the village is caused by the ethnic conflict that happened during the years of 1987-1996, which forced families to vacate. Thus, the population of the Kamweshok village is fairly young as the village started to re-populate in the late 1990s. Almost eighty percent of the population is consisted of children under the age of eighteen, while the majority of the elder population was under the age of sixty. The population of the Kamweshok village is consisted of Sabiny individuals, who speak the language of Kupsabyni. d. Reasons

The researchers decided on the topic of access to education in Kamweshok village after an informal interview of the villagers’ personal perspectives on the most prominent development issue. Though there were numerous feedbacks in response to the question of “what is the most important development issue in Kamweshok village?”, almost every respondents ranked education as their biggest challenge that they face everyday. As a result, the education topic was chosen to further investigate and inquire matters regarding education and its access to it. e. Objectives

The research for the PRA/RRA Village Paper was conducted in response to the listed objectives below: i. To explore the correlations between education and development ii. To find the Kamweshok Villagers’ most important development issue iii. To find out the Kamweshok...
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