Video on Demand Research Paper

Topics: Video on demand, IPTV, Distance education Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: March 10, 2012
The cable company calls it “Showtime Anytime”, but Video on Demand (VoD) is so much more. VoD in today’s technology allows telecommunication network providers to offer such services as home shopping, games, education, and of course movies on demand. The applications that are available with VoD are:

* Movies
* Interactive video games
* Television programming
* Catalogue Browsing
* Distance Learning
* Advertising
* Video Conferencing

The most popular use of VoD is movies. With movies/television on demand, a customer can watch television on their schedule. In December 2007, Comcast published astounding figures about the popularity of their signature ON Demand service:

* 6 billion on-demand views in less than four years
* 1 billion hours of on-demand content watched this year alone * 250 million views each month
* 100 views each second(COMCAST)

Given the facts about the amount of usage by VoD customers, it seems only logical that businesses utilize this are a resource for business growth. The interactive capability of VoD offers a platform form many advertising opportunities. Advertisers can effectively target potential customers in their geographical areas. For an even wider market, businesses can program their own network and effectively target millions of digital cable viewers. (Comcast Spotlight)

"The implications for education and training are immense; learning can be independent of time and place, and available at all stages of a person's life. The learning context will be technologically rich. Learners will have access not only to a wide range of media, but also to a wide range of sources of education"(Bates 1993) This prediction, made over 10 years ago, is now a reality. Multimedia education using on demand technology has changed the lives of many, myself included. These systems allow off-campus access to learning material available in video format Distance...
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