Victoria's Secret Pink Case Study

Topics: Lingerie, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Megan Jenkins

·Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer (5 points) -The buyer decision process consists of five different steps. These steps include: recognition, information search, evaluation of awareness, purchase decision, and post purchase behavior. The first step refers to the consumer being able to recognize the need of the product, in this case it would be the 'pink' brand of Victoria's Secret. With the target market being young girls and women between the ages of eighteen to thirty years, 'pink' is advertised as being "young, hip, and fashionable." The young and fun Pink brand sells casual and comfortable items such as yoga pants, sweat pants, sweat shirts, and pajamas, bras, panties, and even pillows and comforters. The next step is information search, which simply means that the consumer must search about the product that satisfies his or her want/need. Victoria's Secret could advertise their product on anywhere from the internet to television and magazines. Customers must seek advertisement and decide where or when to buy the product. Evaluation of alternatives is the stage where consumers evaluate different alternatives in which they may come across while searching for information. Due to the fact that there are various products being sold, the consumer must evaluate and understand the type of product that would fit his or her want/need. The 'pink' brand comes in many different varietys of clothing, styles, and colors so the buyer must decide which is right for her. Sometimes proper suitation depends on age. The forth step is referred to as purchase decision. After the evaluation of a product, a consumer has intent to buy it. It practically comes down to if 'pink' is the right choice for the customer. Sometimes this depends on what other think of the product, too. If the consumer buys the product it leads to the last stage which is called post purchase...
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