Vice President and New Executive Vice

Topics: Vice president, Management occupations, Problem Pages: 3 (619 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Case Analysis ReportFMB&T Bank
I.Statement of the Problem
The new Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of FMB&TBank have no clear authority and responsibility.

There should be a clear authority and responsibility for the new IT Executivein order for her to be effective and efficient.

III.Analysis of the Causes
a.Relationship between IT Department and other bank business units ismixed up causing considerable confusion, friction and inefficiency. b.Work request are vague and not coordinated and consolidated to reflect aclearer picture of the problem making it hard to formulate a quick solutionwhich the bank’s other business units require. c.The presence of the new IT executive was not welcomed by the unitmanagers of other business units of the bank making it harder for her tofacilitate solutions for IT problems. d.IT staff responsibilities are limited only to application works. They are notgiven the freedom to explore and apply new developments in the ITindustry. e.There is considerable influence from other regional executives todecentralize IT operations to regional branches because they feel thatresponse will be faster to meet their requirements.

a.Define an explicit authority and responsibility of the new IT executive. Thespan of authority should include all business units involve in the use IT toensure that all will follow IT processes and procedures. b.The new IT executive must formulate strict IT policies and procedureswhich have the approval of the CEO and all IT users are required to follow  

Failure to follow IT policies and procedure should be dealt with inaccordance with company’s existing rewards and punishment policies. c.Involve IT staffs in a more flexible working environment and give them thefreedom to take advantage on new IT innovations and apply it to thecompany’s IT system. d.Re-organize the company’s whole organizational structure to adapt intothe new requirement of IT...
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