Veterans-Unsung Heroes

Topics: United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veteran, Veterans Health Administration Pages: 2 (2122 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Veterans-Unspoken Heroes

Why are Veterans not integrating back into society with great success? Have you ever wondered what happens to Veterans once they return back from the war or from serving a tour of duty? How has their family survived without them while they were gone and what was their experience like without their loved one? In the following paragraphs you will read about the transitions that Veterans as well as their families have integrating back into the community, work, church, school and family life upon returning from serving a tour of duty. It is astounding how much assistance is provided to Veterans but sadly very few of them actually use the assistance provided to them which is what we will focus on in the next paragraphs. There are hundreds of thousands of troops deployed right now in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting on behalf of our government and our country Currently there isn’t an active war but we are fighting a battle. If and when a war beings our solders/veterans are asked to leave at moment’s notice to fight in a war or handle a crisis/disaster in our country. Their lives are constantly being placed in harm’s way for our safety. The question we should ask ourselves is how can we better support our veterans? Studies have shown that Veterans aren’t integrating back into society successfully ( In the midst of serving in wars, handling disasters across the country and holding onto a family from afar the last thing that should happen in a Veterans life should be the thought that they would return home and have all the pieces fall apart. There are a lot of resources available for Veterans upon their return from being deployed. The resources are available in mass numbers in all areas of their life but why are there still so many that have issues integrating back into society? How can we better educate...
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