Veganism Argument

Topics: Veganism, Vegetarianism, Human Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Aaron Johnson
Jeff Tate
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As I sit here reading this story on animals and how vegans seem to think that it is horribly wrong to consume meat and animal products, I am realizing that the further I read the more irritated I become, and not just because I eat meat and the writer doesn’t, but for how the writer displays no sign of respect or any logical reason as to why we as meat eaters are nothing but a self-righteous bunch, as the writer put it. I don’t really understand why the writer thought it was necessary to refer to people who eat meat in such a way that it depicts mainstream America so negatively. What makes vegans so much better than everyone else? And why did they take this issue to the level of nationally labeling everyone but themselves. Well, if we are self-righteous then what would define veganism? Self-centered panicky tree huggers maybe? I think that the vegans are the self-righteous bunch mainly because they portray themselves as being too good to eat meat or the consumption of meat is somehow beneath them. What gives them the right to label us as a conceited society? When in turn they themselves are just as self-centered as they claim we are. From the very beginning of this story I’ve had a strong opinion on how this topic is so meaningless and drawn out almost to the brink of insanity. Although the writer does display a good level of sincerity and commitment to this argument, but even with that being said my opinions of the writer and how his views are kind of one sided still remain. A good example of how the writer portrays the level of absurdity within the vegan belief is in the beginning, when the writers were talking about the story of the mouse and how the mouse shared the capacity for love, gratitude and the ability...
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