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1. Introduction:
People are living an age of fast-paced development. People nowadays have a high standard of living, high quality of education and high demand of having a good environment. Especially, people live in developed nations, so that there are a lot of countries who want to develop as quickly as possible. They focus mainly on growing economy, and pay no attention to society and environment. However, according to Strange & Bayley (2008), a country will develop sustainably if they focus on three aspects economy, society and environment.

2. Issue:
Vietnam is one of most developing countries in the south-east of Asia, and Vietnamese government has concentrated on altering its economy, and attracting foreign investments to try to become a developed nation since 1990s. Therefore, many companies have been established, and they have contributed to Vietnamese economy. Moreover they have damaged Vietnamese environment a lot since they were established, especially Vedan Vietnam. “Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corporation Limited (Vedan Vietnam) was established in 1991 in Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai Province”.(Vedan, n.d). Since Vedan operated, it has created about 2.000 jobs with an average salary 2.1 million VND/month, However, they have also destroyed the local environment especially Thi Vai river. (Pham, n.d.). Đường (2008) reported that the Environmental Police Department (C36) and the Ministry of Public Security cooperated with an interdisciplinary inspection team of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment caught Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corporation Limited red-handed discharging a large amount of wastewater which was not treated into the Thi Vai River. According to Thai in 2008, Vedan Vietnam have installed and operated a secret waste pipe system to discharge waste water into Thi Vai River since 1994. Since Vedan Vietnam was established, many people have sued them for polluting the Thi Vai River and asked for compensating. For example, Minh (2008) revealed that residents live in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province asked for 40 billion VND as compensation. Vedan Vietnam has been fined for the crime of polluting environment since then; however they seemed to delay to pay for fines and compensations because of lack of evidences. Because they built a secret waste pipe which is very sophisticated, they have escaped many investigations. Finally, On Sep. 13, 2008. The Environmental Police department caught Vedan red-handed discharging waste water into the Thi Vai River, after three months of reconnaissance and ambushing. Thai (2008) said that Vedan has been charged for committing the article 183 of Vietnamese penal code. Bao Moi (n,d) estimated that Vedan has secretly discharged waste water into the Thi Vai River for more than 14 years. They polluted 10 kilometers of the Thi Vai River, and directly damaged more than 10.000 residents who live in Nhon Trach and Long Thanh (Dong Nai Province), Tan Thanh (Ba Ria-Vung Tau City) and Can Gio (Ho Chi Minh City). They have to pay around 400 million VND as fines, and take responsibility to compensate for the losses of local people including 120 billion VND for Dong Nai residents, 107 billion VND for Ho Chi Minh residents and 53 billion VND for Ba Ria-Vung Tau residents.

3.1 Impacts on Economy:
According to Nguyen report in 2009, the amount of waste water that Vedan discharged into the Thi Vai River was extremely large. It was about 105.600m3/month. He also claimed that Vedan caused 90% of the pollution in the Thi Vai River. That was the cause of deaths of fishes, crabs and other creatures. It lessened the amount of marine creatures that people could fish and collect, and many fishermen went bankrupt; it led to a huge decrease in marine products. At a result, it caused a big damage to Vietnamese fishery in particular and a big loss to its entire economy in general. Moreover the dirty water also spread out and penetrated...
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