Vbscript Network Shares Lab

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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VBScript Network Shares Lab


In this lab, students will complete the following objectives. * Create a VBScript Program using NotePad++.
* Use WScript.Shell object and its methods.
* Use Scripting.FileSystemObject and its methods.
* Use LanmanServer,FileService objects and its methods.
* Use WScript.Network object and its methods.

Element K Network Connections

For this lab, we will need to connect to vlab-PC1 and vlab-PC2. The computer vlab-PC1 is the computer on the left side while vlab-PC2 is on the right. If you leave the cursor on the PC icon for a few seconds, a tool-tip message will appear indicating the hostname of the PC. Open vlab-PC1 and login as Administrator with the password password. Return to the network and open vlab-PC2 and login as Administrator with the password password.

Note: All captures must be text only—DO NOT capture the NotePad++ application window or the command prompt window. Use copy and paste of text only.

Task 1: NetShareServer.vbs Program on vlab-PC1

* On vlab-PC1, open NotePad++ and from the File menu, select New.

* Create a Programmer Header that includes the name of your VBScript file, your name, the date, the class, and the name of your professor. Each of these VBScript comment lines begin with a (‘) character.

* From the File menu, select Save. Save your program as NetShareServer.vbs in the C:\Scripts folder as shown below.

* Define the Scripting.FileSystemObject fso that provides control of local folders and files. The “WinNT://hostname/LanmanServer,FileService object fileServ allows us to create and manage network shares similar to the NET SHARE commands we discussed last week.

Note: When you create the fileServ object, the hostname value vlab-PC1 must match the hostname of the computer acting as the server. If you don’t know your Windows hostname, open a Windows CLI and execute the hostname command.

Task 2: Create a Folder and Copy Files to the New Folder

* Use the fso.CreateFolder( ) to create the folder C:\Public. The path and name of the folder to be created is place inside the parentheses and delimited with double quotes.

* Use the fso.CopyFile method to copy all files in the C:\Windows\Cursors\ folder that start with the letter w to the C:\Public folder. There are no parentheses used for this method. The syntax for this method is

Note: The first argument is the file/s to be copied and second argument (after the ,) is the destination folder.

* Skip several lines and enter the following statements. The WScript.Echo statement simply outputs a new line and announces the end of the program.

* Save your program (S). Press the function key and enter: cscript NetShareServer.vbs. Click OK to execute your program.

* Below is the run of the program. It should run without errors although it does not produce any output. Check to see if the program successfully created the C:\Public directory and copied the files from the C:\Windows directory by clicking in the NotePad++ console window and entering the command: dir C:\Public as shown below. You could also open the Windows CLI and execute the same command to test your script.

* Go to the command line or Windows Explorer to verify that C:\Public folder has been created and populated with some files. If you have any problems with the RUN, delete the C:\Public folder if it exists in Windows Explorer and re-run the script from the Windows CLI using cscript. Check your VBScript program for errors, make the needed changes, delete the C:\Public folder if it exists, and run the program again.

Task 3: Display Current Network Shares and Create New Share

* Skip a line after the fso.CopyFile line and enter the following program lines.

* WScript.Echo displays a message to the console windows or desktop. The For Each Next loop is used to display all of the current network shares on the local computer. From the...
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