Varying Activity Preferences Essay Essay

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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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My research shows that people of Hispanic heritage prefer playing football, while people living in America prefer playing American football. I learned by talking and actually playing with some of my Hispanic friends that really love football a heck of a lot more than any other sport. Alex R., a 17 year old high school senior, and one of my friends, told me why he loved football so much. “Football is actually a lot of fun. You have more planning and you don’t get hurt as much as you think. In fact you have to be more flexible then powerful to play the game. I should know I’ve been in almost 200 football games.” I asked him if he thought that his heritage liked football more than other sports and he said, “Yes, because it was the only sport we could really play when we lived in México, all my friends there play it too.” Alex is very active; he doesn’t stop moving, even in class. He is allowed to walk around and play with the footballs in there to keep him focus. Dakota H. loves American football. He actually wants to play professionally someday. It was hard to talk to him since I wasn’t in his click’ but I found a way to ask him these questions. He is a 19 year old high school grad., and he doesn’t stop talking and thinking about football, I had the liberty to grade some of his papers this year actually and found out that he started to even doodle footballs around his tests. “American Football is the best sport ever! I can’t believe there isn’t anything else like it in other countries. Football has to be the only sport around that can truly show how strong a player is. That’s why I want to be a professional football player.” He is very active in the sport and he exercises every day.