VARK Analysis: Determining Preferred Learning Styles

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VARK Analysis

Every student has their own unique style of learning, with today’s technology; students can easily go on the internet to identify their preferred learning style if desired. By doing so, this would assist the learner to identify their preferred method of learning which can assist the leaner to become more successful in their learning process. As an assignment, the participant answered two different questionnaires the “VARK” (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) (Fleming, n.d) and Learning Styles Report (LDPride, n.d). Summary of Learning Style

The VARK Questionnaire consists of 16 answers where the participant answered as many boxes the participant felt appropriate. Once the questionnaire was completed, the participant received the VARK Personal Learning Profile analysis. Upon thoroughly reviewing both profile analysis, the participant concluded that the LDPride questionnaire results were very similar to the VARK Personal Learning Profile Analysis, both scores revealed that the participants’ learning preferences were visual, read/write, tactile/kinesthetic. Between the two profile analyses, the participant favored VARK which was much more in depth providing detailed scenarios and examples that the participant can clearly relate to. The VARK analysis is divided into two categories; Type One consists of learners who scores are between twelve and twenty five; these types are learners are considered to be “contextual” or “situational” (Fleming, n.d) who utilizes one of the four modes individually and changes according to the mode needed. An example would be if a learner was learning a physical skill such as sports, the learner would use the Kinesthetic mode. Type Two learners are “multimodal” who scores greater than thirty; these types of learners are able to use a combination of learning modes at one time, which also reinforces what the learner is learning. An example of a multimodal learner would be using a flip...
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