Topics: Learning styles, Visual learning, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: February 4, 2011
Running Head: VARK Learning Style

VARK Learning Style
Jessy Jacob
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429V
January 16, 2011

Definition of VARK Learning style
A learning style is the way us humans take in information, process, accumulate, and recall it. Students take in and process information in different ways: by seeing and hearing, reflecting and acting, reasoning logically and ostensibly, analyzing and visualizing, steadily and in fits and starts. VARK is commonly used learning style. It stands for visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic learners. Summary of My Learning Style

A multimodal study strategy is a method used when you have more than one preference that is discrete. It can also be when someone has no preferences to which study strategy they want to use. About 60% of the peoples study strategy is multimodal. Being multimodal means that you have multiple strong points in areas such as aural, reading, and writing. Those who are multimodal are context reserved which means they can choose a single mode to suit the situation. On the other hand, there are others who are not satisfied until they have had input in all of the preferred styles. They take an extensive period to gather information but often have an immersed and expansive understanding. For example, when trying to figure out something that will be brought about physically later, learners that absorb information better hands on do better when trying out something for themselves. In addition, this visual factor aids students to reproduce information on a test better. Different Learning Styles

Visual learners gain information from maps such as diagrams, graphs, and charts. They learn things best through seeing them. Instead of using words, they need the information to be broke down into pieces so it is simply to comprehend. They tend to highlight information in difference colors which makes it easier for them to go back and study. These learners need to see the teacher's...
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