Vanishing Act Book Report

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Vanishing Act

In the book, Vanishing Act, by John Feinstein, two aspiring young sportswriters, Stevie and Susan, who met before when they uncovered a mystery at the final four, were given the chance to go to the U.S. Open and they were to stay at Susan’s uncle’s house, Mr. Gibson. They were extremely excited to hear that they were going to be reporting the new Russian sensation, Nadia Symanova, until suddenly, she disappeared on the way to the court. Instinctively, Stevie and Susan embark on a long and surprising adventure to find Nadia Symanova, until, somehow, a few days later, Nadia appeared uninjured! This threw the young reporters off, until Stevie overheard Susan’s uncle talking to Symanova’s family late at night about the money they will make off this framed kidnapping! After this confusion, a series of events occur in which Stevie gets beat up and told not to interfere with the kidnapping, but finds out they were actually working for Gibson. Finally, the police eventually catch Gibson and get him to tell the truth. Stevie and Susan, only 15 years old, were now the most well known sportswriters and the heroes of the U.S. Open mystery. I would obviously recommend this book to young readers who enjoy sports, but not only sports fans would enjoy this. Mystery enthusiasts will love thrillers and books that have a different twist on each page would be fond of this book as well. The main thing I learned from reading this book is people will go to extreme measures for money, even if that means doing illegal work.