Values of Friendship

Topics: Friendship, Virtue, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Kylie Shaw
January 16

Values Of Friendship

Those who have good friends will always find that laughter is a big part of the relationship. No one can make you laugh like your best friend and laughter is so good to make each other happy and make sure each of you is having a good day or time. You will find that the more good friends you have, the more laughter and happiness you will have in your life. Just keep in mind, though, that most people you cannot trust. One value of friendship, which many find extremely important, is rather or not you’re alike and like to do the same things. Whether you are hanging out with your friends after school or staying with them during the weekend, you will find that having friends is a really great thing. Friends are people that are always there for you and you can go to when you have nobody else. Another important part of friendship is that friends often provide helpful advice for each other. When my friends and I have a problem we usually call or talk to each other. Having friend’s means that you will have someone to help you get through a situation that you need help with. This also is a great part of friendship. The advice may range anywhere from what clothes to wear to what you should do in a situation. No matter what the issue is having a friend to help is a big help. Even if you can't get together with your friends you can usually get a hold of them by phone, text messaging, facebook. Or twitter. Conversation is another value which people consider important to friendship. Everyone needs to talk and share their thoughts and feelings to friends. Having a good conversation means you most likely have a good friendship.

True friendship is a mutual trust, which must be maintained at all costs and under all conditions and circumstances. Friendship is very important. It gives you someone to talk to and hangout with. Its really important that you and your friend like the same things and the same people to...
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