Value of a College Education

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Jessica Rainey
English 102-39
Anne Wilbourne
April 16, 2013
Value of a College Education
Education has come along way through out the centuries, unlike in the past; education is the key to opening the door to endless opportunities. College can provide a sense of security and desire towards a stable career. As easy as it sounds to obtain this life, the market gets more competitive each day, allowing employers to raise their standards. When investing into a degree one should keep an open-mind, there are many aspects that follow along. One mistake commonly made in college, is a student will choose a career with a higher paying salary. This career they might choose might not be something their interested in. That’s where a different aspect of college comes in; it’s for one to experience all different aspects of the world to see what fits them best, “In college you come in thinking one thing about yourself and you leave thinking in a completely different way” (Hoover). As said in the same article, she believes that college helped her overcome her shyness when required to interact with people of different backgrounds (Hoover). College also serves the purpose of preparing a student for the “real world” as well as education. The best way to know what type of career one should pursue is through an internship allowing for experience. This value that college has to offer is a chance for one to become confident in their field of work “Without those four years I wouldn’t be the businessperson I am today. I wouldn’t have the confidence” (Hoover). Sadly, sometimes even with experience and a degree it still isn’t enough to get a career in todays market. As said by the article Finding A Job Is Hard For Even The Most Educated, “With the unemployment rate at 9.7 percent, sustained unemployment is afflicting even some of the most educated” (Noguchi). The article goes on and tells the readers about a 33-year-old who quit her job to go on to get her masters to find out two...
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