Value of Education in Frankenstein

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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One single person cannot place a worth on education. Each individual holds his or her own opinion of the value of it. Some think highly of education and treasure it, while others take it for granted and do not realize how much power it gives. Mary Shelley illustrates several different perspectives on the importance of learning in her novel Frankenstein. In the novel, each character shows a distinct opinion of the value of education.

Victor Frankenstein’s life and actions express how he valued education. Victor attends the University of Ingolstadt where he studies philosophy and science. He greatly enjoys his studies and pushes himself to learn more. In these studies, he attains the knowledge necessary to give life to inanimate objects. Victor takes his fantastic discovery and puts it to a poor use. He creates a monster that torments him until his death. Victor takes advantage of his knowledge, unknowing of the power he holds, and uses it to inadvertently cause destruction.

The monster’s story also conveys a message of the value of education. His story shows that without education, one cannot communicate with the rest of the world. The creature needs to teach himself to read, write, and speak by observing the behaviors of the cottage inhabitants. The monster shows the highest value of education of all of the characters in the novel. He, who knows nothing whatsoever, shows the reader that education proves necessary to survive in the world.

Furthermore, Henry Clerval’s involvement in the story adds to the overall message of the value of education. Henry, like the monster, values education highly. He feels that learning enlightens the soul. Henry adores the use of languages and the emotions it can evoke from a person. He appreciates the beauty of the art of writing. Henry strives to attain knowledge and sees importance in going to great lengths to receive an education.

The novel Frankenstein illustrates how different people hold...
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