Value Based Education

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“Man is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this potentiality within, by controlling nature – external and internal through education.” - Swami Vivekanand. Introduction
Education lends beauty to man. Education is man's most precious wealth. It confers happiness and renown on man. It is the teacher of teachers. When a man travels abroad, education stands by him like a kinsman. Education is adored by rulers, not wealth. One without education is an animal. Degrees alone do not signify education. Education that is confined to the physical sciences is a travesty of true education. Together with knowledge of the natural sciences, one has to acquire humility, discipline and a good character. Everyone should recognize this sacred character of education. The student of today is concerned with acquiring wealth, strength and position, but not good qualities. Education is meant to enable one to acquire what are good qualities. Every student should take note of this. Education is not intended merely to stuff the brain with information. It has to transform the heart and make it pure. This can be only achieved through value education.

What are values?
It is told by Ancient Indians that:
Aachaaryaath paadam aadatthe paadam sishya swamedhayaa
Paadam sa brahmachaaribhya: sesham kaalakramena cha

(you) get one quarter (of the knowledge) from the teacher, one quarter from yourself ( by self analyses) one quarter from others and the rest (one quarter) during the process of living. The VALUES can be defined as the factors/merits derived for psychological, physiological benefits for individuals, benefits derived for strengthening family relation and social bondage and also the factors which lead to national integration and progress. i.e The values are those factors which can give psychological and physiological benefits. The values are those factors which can improve the relations among family members and strengthen social bondage. And the values also contribute for patriotic vision and mission. What is Value Based Education?

Education opens up our mind, but Value-Based Education (VBE) gives us purity of heart too; education provides us with skills, but VBE provides us sincerity too; education extends our relationship with the world, but VBE links us with our own family members too. Education makes our living better, but VBE makes our life better too; education teaches us to compete with others, but VBE encourages us to be complete too; education makes us a good professional, but VBE makes us a whole human too; education takes us to the top, but VBE takes the whole society to the top. Education gives us capacity of better learning, but VBE gives us the tool for a deeper understanding too; education gives us Anna but VBE provides us Ananda too; education may bring limitations but VBE is for liberation. After all right education means- "Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye”. It means that knowledge is what helps us to attain liberation.

Need for value education in present times
VBE is highly needed in our modern society because our lives have become more miserable. The quantity of education has considerably increased, but the quality has decreased. Why? The number of educated people has reached at a high level, but murder, hatred, and selfishness have spread out like wildfire everywhere. Why? Many institutions are opened, but only few civilized people are produced. Why? Degrees are available for all, but the dignity has gone down. Why? Trained people are produced from many institutions, but sincere people are very few. Why? Many books are written; much research is done; many professional achievements are attained, but humanity is threatened. Why? Therefore, we need VBE. The rate of suicide is going up in our society. One of the very common factors responsible for this is over pressure on students to get the high marks in their exams. It is for sure a very unhealthy and unethical competition. It is not only limited to a school level...
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