Valedictory Speech

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Valedictory Speech

"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." Yes, ours would be a generation to remember, also to cherish. A very happy morning to one and all present here.

The ability to grow from childishness to maturity, from perplexity to lucidity has been unwearingly nurtured and prudently inculcated by a significant number of people – people that we need to pay econium to and express acknowledgement.

And I, Sanjana Khanter am here to express this heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my fellow batchmates who’re sitting down there, each looking gorgeous in their chosen hues. To begin with, I’d like to thank God devoid of whom, none of us would be here.

It is said that it is not the years in a man’s life that matter, but it is the life in his years. This is a bitter sweet moment for us students of Std12. Looking back on the 14 years of school life, is like viewing the ever changing patterns of a kaleidescope, in glorious technicolour- each memory breathtakingly alluring and matchless.

These memories would be incomplete lacking the consistent and unvarying support of our altruistic Principal who never stumbled, never gave up on any of us, who realized that every venture begins with a single vestige. Sometimes she’s invigorated us to run and sometimes she has needed to hold in the reins - yet all the while, Ma’am you’ve relentlessly and incessantly encouraged us onward, culminating in what we are today.

Our Correspondent who is so welcoming and charming has always inspired an interest in us to emulate her characteristics. Ma’am, you’re a momentous part of Ewart and you’ll never be forgotten. We thank you for the various stories you’ve narrarted which taught us the true spirit and worth of life.

Our vice prinicipals are no far. Remember how we’ve begged them to come along to represent our desires to the Principal ? And how “willingly” they’ve obliged. We can’t thank you enough for all your support. I remember one of them had said to me, “Do not go where the path may lead; instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.” I promise to follow your advice Ma’am. How can I forget our teachers and their constant smile whenever they see any of us and who,from an early age have taught us that the tenets of simple living and high thinking will always hold us in good stead. My dear teachers, turning the clock back in time, I don’t remember much as I left my mother’s hand to hold on to yours, but, today, I stand to proclaim that in holding your hands all these years, I feel secure. I’ve learnt life’s lessons, I realise that I am blessed to have had the privelege to learn much more than what the text books read from each one of you. I wish to say thank you, not sure I can translate all my gratitude into words. As our tryst with Ewart draws to an end, we request you to uphold us in your prayers, as we take our first apprehensive step into the unknown and slightly scary place called “The world”.

I also would want to thank the contingent staff who have provided us with books, chalks, even rubber bands all the years through. Not to forget to mention, our dear Supervisor anna. I wonder how his jaws don’t hurt smiling, all through the day.

Our schooling wouldn’t have been as comfortable as it was without the ayyas and bus conductors. Remember how in the fourth and fifth, we’ve tried to deceive the watchmen and run away from school before the usual hours and how in eleventh and twelveth, they’ve literally begged us to stop chatting and go home ? Oh ! What times, we’ve had. Also how many times has the peon asked us not to traverse through the office but don’t know why, we’ve always wanted to go that way but his patience never ended.

Ewart will always be remembered for it’s enticing and enthusiastic sports days which would’ve been naught without our games...
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