Utopian School

Topics: High school, Teacher, Education Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: September 3, 2012
My Utopian School
My idea of an ideal high school is one that students are proud to attend and, at the same time, receiving a good education. In order to achieve this, a school would need to have teachers that are greatly qualified in their field of expertise. The teachers would be efficient and very goal oriented, and would require all to have a master’s degree. The teachers would place the students’ well-being and success at the front of their agenda. My class size would have a maximum of twenty-five students because large classes make it difficult for teachers to get to know their students. When it comes to materials and resources, the teachers would have access to anything that could improve their teaching. The school would be very involved with the community and the parents. The school will work with the local newspaper to promote special events that are happening at the school and distribute calendars so parents can record upcoming events, assignments, and dates to check with teachers on their children's progress. Last, but not least, the school would be very visually appealing. Mood is very important in the school; therefore it is important that the classrooms are painted pastel colors that will not distract students, but improve their mood. The hallways would be a brighter color since these colors tend to stimulate activity.

Each student will be required to study four years of english, social studies, mathematics, and science, and two years of a foreign language. In this way, every child will understand the basics of many different concepts. Along with these core classes, art, physical education, music, theatre, and technology classes (or non-core) will also be offered. All students will be required to take at least a semester of each to introduce a variety to their education. Those students who wish to pursue one of these areas further will be allowed to. The school will also focus on inclusion for students with special needs. Every child should...
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