Utilitarianism and Future Negative Feelings

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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One huge factor in everyone’s life is money. We all need it to live, it might easy to make or hard. We still need it to earn it some way or somehow. The last few years the government has done a lot alone with the people to make sure making was more attainable, and that you made enough. Many individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet this causing them to be put in the poverty category. With an imposed increase you are not going to get everyone to agree. When you look at the increase you want their to be a change in the economy as a whole. The imposed increase would take it from 7.25 to 9 dollars. With that said some families would not be able to make it over the poverty threshold. This leading to issues is it really necessary to pass it, or should we fight for more.

A Utilitarian and a Deontologist would have different points of views on this because of the nature of the topic as a whole. A utilitarian would have views that everyone should be happy and more money could increase happiness. More money for the same amount of work does sound like a good deal. With that said if you increase the wage amount and companies do not have that in their budget, it will cause loss of jobs. A Utilitarian would defiantly have an issue with that. “Utilitarianism States that it wants the greatest good for the greatest number of people.” With job loses it would really not help the people out in a way that would be good. A utilitarian would want people to be happy with the change in the amount of wage. That means the companies, the workers and the economy as a whole. They would see it as a good change for people with some future negative feelings that could have an impact on the overall well being of people.

Now lets get to a Deontologist point of view. Their view would really be on whats better for the economy. They would impose the increase because more companies would be obligated to pay a higher amount of wage. Deontologists would say that...
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